27/11/2017 - Here are three photos for a complete garage removal in Filton, Bristol. The garage consisted of concrete block walls, built with a timber frame roof using asbestos cement roof covering. The contents were disposed of quickly and safely!

20/09/2017 - We removed a whole garage in Bath this morning. The garage is a precast concrete construction with an asbestos cement sheet roof. The garage was taking up valuable space so the homeowner was relieved when it was finally removed!

29/06/2017 - Bristol - Complete Garage Removal - Asbestos Cement

22/05/2017 - The garage has an asbestos cement roof which we quoted for, then the customer decided to have the entire garage removed. The frame is reinforced pre-cast concrete panels hence not hazardous waste; however we were able to remove both the asbestos waste followed by the garage frame.

05/04/2017 - We removed the asbestos cement roofs from two garages today. They are owned by two neighbours and as you can see from the photos the garages are semi-detached. removal of the roofs will allow the builder to demolish the structures and then both neighbours are having new extensions to their living space built.

18/04/2017 - We removed an asbestos cement garage roof from a home in Bristol - All prepared for a new garage roof.

18/04/2017 - A4 carried out a removal on an asbestos cement shed roof in the Keynsham area.

20/04/2017 - Featured below is a section of asbestos cement gutter and downpipe that A4 removed from the rear elevation of a commercial MOT garage in Melksham.

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