Asbestos Disposal Bristol

Asbestos Disposal Bristol

A4 Asbestos specialises in the asbestos testing & removal in Bristol. For more information about our Asbestos Disposal Bristol service, visit our website today.

What is asbestos?

The term asbestos permeates throughout society still to this day, as it health effects linger from its abundant use back in the last century. You may have heard that asbestos may be present in your home if you live in an older home or perhaps work in an old building that is being renovated, with signs stuck up on the walls warning you of the potential effects of asbestos. It's a bitter realisation paired with painful hindsight that such a harmful material was so widely used not only in the UK but throughout the world. How was a harmful substance like asbestos even used in our day to day lives? Why was it so quickly adopted and used by domestic and commercial entities?

Now banned in the UK, asbestos was an abundantly used material due to it was very useful in many applications. Asbestos is a great insulator, which made it ideal for heating pipes & home insulation. Asbestos has many unique characteristics as it can withstand a lot of things from acid, electricity to fire. Asbestos was also a very stable material so it had a remarkably long "shelf life" These qualities paired with its strength and durability were extremely sought after traits in the construction & manufacturing industry.

Large-scale asbestos mining dates back as far as the mid 19th century, with companies in London and Scotland becoming the first companies to adopt this material to use it commercially. Asbestos was first commercially used for Yarn, with its fibres being ideal for making long lengths of yarn. Asbestos slowly become a more abundant material as people found more uses for it, like with any material. Asbestos had many attractive qualities such as great tensile strength, thermal abilities as well as electrical resistance and flame retardance. It was used in everything from roofing, tiling, boilers, water pipes, paints, towels, plastics, wire insulation, cigarette filters, brake pads, water filters and even toys and crayons. Its use was so abundant that it was even used in gas filters. With large mines popping up in Canada to capitalise on this newly found material, the world was using asbestos faster than it could be produced.

It wasn't until 1899 that a Dr Montague Murray starting noting the negative health effects that asbestos had on humans. In the early 1900's, researchers in the UK began seeing a rising number of young deaths and lung complications in towns that were known for asbestos mining. The first study to be released was conducted by Dr Montague Murray in London, carrying out a postmortem on a young man who died from pulmonary fibrosis. The man worked in a textile factory that heavily used asbestos, and it was apparent that asbestos had a large part to play in his death as traces of asbestos were found in his lungs.

Further studies from subsequent deaths further indicated that asbestos was poisoning these unfortunate people, with the most notorious incident being that of Nellie Kershaw, a factory worker spinning raw asbestos into yarn. Nellie first began to exhibit symptoms of asbestos poisoning but she continued to work at the asbestos mill for several more years until she was declared unfit to work. She died at 6.30am on 14 March 1924, aged 33. After the post-mortem, doctors concluded the huge amount of foreign materials in her lungs were from asbestos particles. After comparing the sample with asbestos fibres, the results were conclusive.

In modern times, we don't have to worry about asbestos being used in everyday objects, with the UK banning all forms & types of asbestos. The UK banned two types of asbestos, crocidolite and amosite in 1985, with Chrysotile still being imported for another 14 years until the final ban in 1999. The ban on the import of all types of asbestos does still mean there is still asbestos in the UK however, as the century's worth of use and adoption has left the UK with plenty of asbestos in circulation as it were.

Renovating your home? - Dealing with asbestos disposal in Bristol

Renovating your property is an amazing way of increasing the value of your home. Whether you're doing it to improve the space for yourself or to sell on, remodelling is a great investment. Bristol is a city of renovators, as there are a lot of properties in the city that are ready for remodelling. Unfortunately, because of the widespread use of asbestos, a lot of the homes that were built before 1985 contain it. This makes renovations trickier for a lot of people, as renovating certain parts of their property means they'll have to remove or contain materials containing asbestos.

This is a common problem that renovators face a lot. It can be daunting finding asbestos as it's difficult to remove it on your own without the risk of inhaling in toxic fibres. Asbestos is a scary material to deal with, especially if you don't know what you're doing. DIY removal is not recommended as the isolation & removal of asbestos fibres takes years of training & knowledge. Asbestos is a deemed a "silent killer" as inhaling fibres won't affect your health immediately. It takes months, years if not decades to see the signs of asbestos poisoning, as the fibres slowly degrade your health if inhaled.

If you're renovating or remodelling a property and think you've found asbestos, don't be afraid to give us a call. We've spent decades removing, testing & disposing of asbestos in Bristol. With the years of knowledge we've gained, we're guaranteed to offer you a professional service that is second to none. From testing to asbestos disposal, we can offer our full range of asbestos disposal services to you.

One of the most common areas to contain asbestos is the roof of your property. Roof sheeting that was made pre-1985 has a high chance of containing asbestos due to its strength & insulative properties. If you think you have asbestos tiling or roofing then let us know. We can provide professional services that will have your roofing tested & removed in no time. We've worked hard to ensure that we offer an efficient, reliable and dependable service. We understand that delays to home renovation can cost time & money, which is hard to come by when it comes to remodelling a property. We want to offer our clients peace of mind so that they can carry on with their renovations!

Should I worry about asbestos?

The only worrying thing about asbestos is the fact that the airborne fibres produce by disturbing a stable piece asbestos can be inhaled into our lungs. Unlike other particles we inhale, these particles can be broken down

through the lining of our lungs, being taken into our bloodstream and circulated around our bodies. It's this broken down state where asbestos is incredibly harmful to our bodies, causing mesothelioma and other complications, not forgetting lung cancer.

A general rule of thumb is that if you live in a home that has been built before 1980, then there's most likely asbestos in it. Like we've mentioned, asbestos was such an abundant material due to its popular adoption due to its useful characteristics. For more info about discovering asbestos in your home, visit our page on: Asbestos Disposal Bristol

Common areas containing asbestos:

Asbestos was used as a common building material that is found in many UK homes. From paint to piping, asbestos is abundant in certain homes which means they're more of a risk of exposing its inhabitants.

It's rational to have concerns about your health when it comes to asbestos. Asbestos is only a risk when it comes it's disturbed & damaged. Only when damaged can the asbestos fibres be released and pushed into the air. It's these fibres that are inhaled by people. Most people are usually exposed to small amounts fibres that don't present a huge risk. However, it's when extended exposure happens that creates a problem.

Areas you may find asbestos:

Asbestos may also be found in other areas not included in this list.

Asbestos in some form is in millions of UK homes, however, actual exposure is unaccounted for since a lot of homeowners can live perfectly whilst asbestos is in their home. Damaged asbestos is the only concern when it comes to actual exposure, as it's only when the asbestos particles are able to be inhaled that they become an issue. This is why asbestos disposal service in Bristol is such an important service to consider if you've stumbled upon asbestos in your property. Whether it's in the guttering or within the walls themselves, asbestos can be removed safely as long as you're using a reliable company to do so. Asbestos disposal really isn't a DIY job that you can knock out in a weekend. Disposing asbestos takes a lot of experience, knowledge & expertise to as there are a lot of things involved especially with the containment of any loose fibres. It's an incredibly difficult job to do without releasing more fibres into the air causing more harm. This is why it's paramount that you inquire the help of a professional asbestos disposal company like A4 Asbestos as their disposal specialists. If you're looking for a Asbestos Disposal Bristol service, contact the team at A4 Asbestos today. We can help you find the perfect service to remove & dispose of the asbestos you've found.

Is asbestos actually harmful to me?

The notion of life-changing illnesses and potentially fatal conditions may seem daunting, however, it conveys the level of seriousness we're dealing with since the health ramifications caused by asbestos can be incredibly harmful & even life-threatening. There's a high chance that most of us have already encountered asbestos, and have most likely lived and breathed amongst it as most homes built in the 50's and 60's will have used it in some way. Whether it be the Artex paint on your ceilings or the asbestos weaved tiles on your roof, there will most likely be asbestos somewhere near you.

Older homes are all suspect to containing high amounts of asbestos so it isn't an unreasonable assumption to say that we've all probably inhaled asbestos fibres before. It's only when there is a huge saturation of asbestos particles that it becomes a problem since high asbestos levels in the air is a cause for concern in itself.

As daunting as this sounds, finding asbestos in your property doesn't put you in imminent danger, however, as asbestos is only dangerous when the particles that are released from it are airborne. Asbestos particles can only be made airborne if you're dealing with an unprotected source, like damaged insulation in your loft. Drilling into walls is a big concern in many homes as it's something that anyone of us could find ourselves doing, however doing so could disturb otherwise stable materials that contain asbestos. It's important to remember that materials that contain asbestos are not generally considered harmful unless it's releasing dust or fibres.

It usually takes years of continuous exposure to abnormally high levels to get something like mesothelioma or a lung condition that is caused by asbestos. Mesothelioma and associated illnesses are only really seen in men and women who have worked or have lived near an asbestos source, like an asbestos mine or a factory where they were dealing with asbestos on a daily basis. Unfortunately, people working with those types of conditions are more likely to develop asbestosis, lung cancer, mesothelioma, & other types of abnormalities of the lungs.

Sticking to regulations

A4 Asbestos works under the latest regulations and when it comes to the asbestos removal, collection & disposal so you can entrust our team to guarantee a professional, efficient & friendly service. All sources of materials containing asbestos are handled by highly trained staff that have decades of experience. Just take a look at the hundreds of positive reviews that we've collected over the years, with hundreds of happy customers recommending us to family & businesses for asbestos disposal across Bristol.

If you're concerned about affecting your property or your families health because of the potential threat that asbestos can bring then please visit our website to learn more about our Asbestos Disposal Bristol service or call our team today. The chance of asbestos having long-term repercussions is slim but the chance, however, is there. It is much better to ensure the safety of your household by removing the asbestos. Rid the potential hazard from your home today and get in touch with A4 Asbestos.

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