Asbestos In Your Home? Here's What You Need To Know

Asbestos In Your Home?

Asbestos is a very misunderstood substance and more often than not, people don't truly know how asbestos can damage your health. Most of us know that asbestos is bad for your health, but many don't realise how dangerous asbestos can be. Asbestos can affect the human body in a range of ways, with many of those leading to terminal illnesses and even death.

Asbsestos In Your HomeIs asbestos actually harmful to me?

Asbestos is and always has been damaging to your health. If asbestos fibres are inhaled, you will have slow & gradual damage to your respiratory system. Although this is on a small scale, prolonged & extended exposure will end up damaging your body permanently. In your average rural area (low asbestos), studies show that you'll usually find around 0.00001 fibres/mL of asbestos in the air. (That's 10 fibres in an average cubic meter) An asbestos factory will usually have 0.01 fibres/mL (10,000 fibres in an average cubic meter) which gives you a general idea of both ends of the scale. Your average home that contains asbestos will have around 30 to 6,000 fibres per cubic meter (0.00003–0.006 fibres/mL). This all depends on the condition of the asbestos in your home, as well sealed asbestos will actually release very few fibres. Homes with sources of damaged asbestos will be on the higher end of this scale, having a significant amount of asbestos fibres in the air.

The main thing to understand about asbestos is that its effect on our bodies isn't instant. It takes years or even decades of slow and gradual exposure to end up degrading your health. This might sound like you can get away being around asbestos, and in some case, you can. However for those that have found asbestos in their home and that unable to live anywhere else, being around asbestos is their only option.

How do I know if there's asbestos in my home?

Asbestos can reside in so many different areas making it intrinsic within the property market in the UK. Asbestos wasn't banned (in new products) in the UK until the mid-1980s, making it abundant in everything from wall paint to roof tiling. This highlights how widely used asbestos was and how much we didn't know about the harmful substance.

Asbestos can be discovered in a few ways. You may have been told by a previous owner/landlord if you've just purchased a new home, or you might have had a test or survey carried out. If you're unsure if you have asbestos in your home & you want some clarity, an asbestos test is the best plan of action as you'll need to know what you're dealing with in order to have it removed. Once your test samples come back, the asbestos disposal specialist you're working with will be able to progress & remove all traces of asbestos in your home.

I've found asbestos in my home, what should I do?

If you're certain that you have asbestos in your home then removal is definitely the plan of action to choose. If you've found asbestos in your home, the likelihood is that the asbestos is probably damaged due to its age. Damaged asbestos is the substance you need to look out for since it's damaged asbestos that will release the most fibres. Whether it's an artex ceiling, wallpaper, roof tiling or water pipes or something else you've discovered, the chances are that it's worth removing out from your home. A provider like A4 Asbestos can offer a professional asbestos removal service that clears your home of all traces of asbestos, rendering it completely safe for you and your family.

Asbestos removal might seem like an unnecessary process but it's one that offers something a lot of things can't, peace of mind. Having the constant worry of asbestos in what is supposed to be your safe space is a horrible thought, but it's something a lot of homeowners have to just deal with. Professional asbestos removal isn't as lengthy & as costly as people think. Whether you know you have asbestos or you're just wanting some clarification, A4 Asbestos can guide you through what is normally a confusing process, letting you come out of the other side with peace of mind & re-assurance knowing your home is rendered safe. Browse through the rest of our site to find out more abou Asbestos Disposal Bristol

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