Asbestos News February 2017

Asbestos News February 2017

The number of schools in the Bristol region with asbestos still in their buildings has been revealed.

At least 200 schools in the Bristol region – Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset council areas – still have some form of asbestos in them, a series of Freedom of Information (FoI) requests have found.

North Somerset Council has settled four claims in the last decade, paying out nearly £450,000 in the process.

Asbestos was widely used for building until 1999. It acts as an insulator and protects against corrosion.

However, it can become a risk to health if the fibres become airborne - something that occurs when the asbestos is broken during construction work.

The condition, mesothelioma, can take decades to develop and is potentially fatal.

The information was requested by campaigner Lucie Stephens, whose mother Sue died from mesothelioma in June last year. Sue had been a teacher.

There are concerns because of the increased construction work taking place in expanding schools to accommodate more pupils.


The data provided by the council only includes schools under the local authority's remit, which means no secondary school – aided or academy – is included within its list.

Some 106 primary schools and nurseries were listed to have asbestos in their buildings, according to the latest inspection in February 2012.

Each school is reinspected on a four-year cycle by an external consultant, the council said, and the only incidents of exposure in the last five years were during removal works.

The area contaminated was an empty classroom below the roof that was being cleared of asbestos, and the works were restricted to out of hours, it added.

There have been no claims against the council as yet in the last five years.

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South Gloucestershire

Some 66 schools are on the council's list where there is either confirmed or presumed asbestos.

There are 90 schools under the council's remit.

In most cases, the asbestos in within materials such as vinyl floor tiles, which the council says is "encapsulated" to prevent exposure.

Each school's management plan is subject to an annual review by management, and there has been no prohibition or improvement notices.

It has, however, received one claim related to asbestos over the last five years. The claim is still outstanding and the council denies liability for it.

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North Somerset

The council said some 45 schools, mostly primary schools, still have asbestos in them.

An annual asbestos management survey is carried out every year, and the management plans are the responsibility of individual schools.

The council said there have been no reported incidents of asbestos incidents to children or staff.

But there have been four successful claims made against the council in the last 10 years by staff past and present, and ex-pupils.

The council has paid out some £445,000 in that period.

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John McClean, the secretariat of the Asbestos in Schools group said: "What this information reveals is that the Government's policy of managing asbestos in schools is simply not working and is putting children and staff at risk."

Paul Jacobs, service director for education and skills at Bristol City Council, said: "As part of their health and safety responsibilities, schools are required to undertake visual inspections of their buildings on a six monthly basis.

"If there are any visible changes, they have a duty to contact the council and we then act to ensure there is no risk. To support this process, we also use external consultants to inspect schools on a four yearly basis. The next round of external inspections is currently being arranged. Where schools have major building works planned, inspections will tie in with these."

North Somerset Council said the four claims were historic cases and the exposures had taken place between 1961 and 1992.

A spokesman for South Gloucestershire Council said: "The council has a responsibility to assess all of its buildings for any risks, including the presence of asbestos, and to take appropriate action to ensure those buildings are safe to use.

"Each identified school has an asbestos management plan, which is reviewed each year.

"This has led to the removal of material where the asbestos is in a form where there is a substantial risk of disturbance, and in the majority of these cases, the remaining material is sealed within materials considered by the Health and Safety executive as low risks, such as some forms of plastic tiles.

"The management plans include, for example, guidance on carrying out maintenance or building work in or around areas with asbestos to ensure that it remains safe.

"Higher risk materials have been removed in a controlled way during the course of routine maintenance and redevelopment works over the years and this process will continue as schools are upgraded over time.

"We remain vigilant and while asbestos will ultimately be removed from all of our buildings, while it remains safe to manage it in place, we will keep the situation under continued review."


Name Type of Sch
Ashton Park SEC
Bristol Gateway SPE
Claremont SPE
Elmfield School for Deaf Children SPE
Kingsweston SPE
Woodstock SPE
Filton Avenue NUR
Little Hayes NUR
Speedwell NUR
St Paul's NUR
St Phillips Marsh NUR
St Werburghs Park NUR
Air Balloon Hill PRI
Ashley Down PRI
Ashton Gate PRI
Ashton Vale PRI
Avon PRI
Avonmouth CE PRI
Badock's Wood PRI
Bank Leaze PRI
Barton Hill PRI
Bishop Road PRI
Blaise PRI
Brentry PRI
Bridge Farm PRI
Broomhill PRI
Broomhill PRI
Burnbush PRI
Cabot PRI
Cheddar Grove PRI
Chester Park PRI
Chester Park PRI
Christchurch CE PRI
Compass Point PRI
Connaught PRI
Easton CE PRI
Elmlea PRI
Fair Furlong PRI
Filton Avenue PRI
Filton Avenue PRI
Fonthill PRI
Four Acres PRI
Gay Elms PRI
Glenfrome PRI
Greenfield PRI
Hannah More PRI
Hareclive PRI
Headley Park PRI
Henbury Court PRI
Henleaze Infant PRI
Hillcrest PRI
Hillfields PRI
Holymead PRI
Horfield CE PRI
Hotwells PRI
Knowle Park PRI
Littlemead PRI
Lockleaze PRI
Long Cross PRI
Luckwell PRI
May Park PRI
Millpond PRI
New Oak PRI
Oldbury Court PRI
Our Lady of the Rosary RC PRI
Parson Street PRI
Perry Court PRI
Perry Court PRI
School Christ the King RC PRI
Sea Mills PRI
Sefton Park PRI
Sefton Park PRI
Shirehampton PRI
Southville PRI
SS Peter & Paul RC PRI
St.Anne's PRI
St.Anne's PRI
St.Anne's Park PRI
St.Barnabas CE PRI
St.Bernadette's RC PRI
St.Bernard's RC PRI
St.Bonaventure's RC PRI
St.George CE PRI
St.John's CE PRI
St.Joseph's RC PRI
St.Mary Redcliffe CE PRI
St.Matthias & Dr Bell's CE PRI
St.Michael's-o-t-Mount CE PRI
St.Nicholas of Tolentine RC PRI
St.Patrick's RC PRI
St.Peter's CE PRI
St.Pius X RC PRI
St.Teresa's RC PRI
Stoke Bishop CE PRI
Summerhill PRI
Two Mile Hill PRI
Upper Horfield PRI
Victoria Park PRI
Wansdyke PRI
Westbury Park PRI
Whitehall PRI
Elmlea PRI
Henleaze PRI
Waycroft PRI
Westbury-on-Trym CE PRI
West Town Lane PRI


Property Name
Abbotswood County Primary School
Almondsbury CE Primary School
Barley Close Primary School
Beacon Rise Primary School
Brimsham Green Secondary School
Broadway Infants School
Bromley Heath Infants School
Bromley Heath Junior School
Cherry Garden Primary School
Christ Church CE Primary School
Christ The King RC School
Christchurch CE Infant - Downend
Coniston Primary School
Crossways Infant School
Crossways Junior School
Culverhill School
Elm Park Primary School
Frampton Cotterell CE Primary School
Frenchay CE Primary School
Hambrook Primary School
Hanham Abbots Junior School
Hawkesbury CE Primary School
Holy Family RC School
Horton CE Primary School
Iron Acton CE Primary
Little Stoke Primary School
Longwell Green Primary School
Manorbrook Primary School
Meadows Primary School
New Siblands Special School
North Road (Yate) Primary School
Old Sodbury CE Primary School
Oldbury-on-Severn CE Primary School
Olveston CE Primary School
Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary School
Parkwall Primary School
Pucklechurch CE Primary School
Rangeworthy CE Primary School
Raysfield Infant School
Raysfield Junior School
Redfield Edge Primary School
Ridge County Junior School
Samuel Whites Infant School
Severn Beach Primary School
Shield Road Primary School
St Andrews CE VC Primary School
St Annes CE Primary School Oldland
St Augustine of Canterbury RC Primary School
St Barnabas CE Primary School
St Chad's Patchway C of E Primary School
St Helens Primary School
St John's Mead CE Primary School
St Mary's CE Primary School (Thornbury)
St Mary's CE Primary School (Yate)
St Michael's CE Primary School (Winterbourne)
St Michael's Primary School (Stoke Gifford)
St Paul's RC Primary School Yate
St Stephen's Infant School Kingswood
St Stephen's Junior School Kingswood
Stanbridge Primary School
The Tynings Primary School
Tortworth Primary School
Tyndale Primary School
Warmley Park School
Watermore Primary School
Wick CE Primary School


Primary Type B Schools with asbestos

as at Nov 2016
All Saints Primary
Ashcombe Primary
Backwell Junior
Banwell Primary
Becket Primary
Blagdon Primary
Bournville Primary
Burrington Primary
Castle Batch Primary
Christ Church Primary
Churchill Primary
Corpus Christi Primary
Crockerne Pill Primary
Flax Bourton Primary
Golden Valley Primary
Grove Junior
Hannah More Infant
Hutton Primary
Kewstoke Primary
Locking Primary
Mary Elton Primary
Mead Vale Primary
Mendip Green# Primary
Milton Park Primary
Northleaze Primary
Oldmixon Primary
Sandford Primary
St Andrew's Primary
St Anne's (split site) Primary
St Francis Primary
St Joseph's Primary
St Martin's Primary
St Nicholas Chantry Primary
Uphill Primary
Walliscote Primary
West Leigh Infant
Windwhistle Primary
Winford Primary
Winscombe Primary
Worlebury St Paul's Primary
Worle Village Primary
Wraxall Primary
Wrington Primary
Yatton Infants Infant
Yatton Juniors Junior
Worle Secondary
Baytree Special
Ravenswood Special
Westhaven Special
Voyage Learning Campus Pupil Referral Unit

Single Mum Becomes One Of The Youngest To Be Diagnosed With Asbestos Related Cancer At 33Kirsty List aged 33 who has been diagnosed with asbestos-related cancer.

A mum aged just 33 has become one of the youngest to be diagnosed with asbestos-related cancer – she fears was caused during school or her time as a barmaid.

Brave Kirsty List has just weeks to live but says the cause of her illness – which normally affects much older people – remains a mystery.

She believes she may have been exposed to asbestos either when she was a pupil at school or while working in pubs which were being renovated.

But surgeons only discovered her tumour when she went for an operation to remove gallbladder.

And she is now struggling with the prospect of leaving behind her five-year-old daughter Aimee who she lives with in Exeter, Devon.

She said: “My consultants said I was suffering from mesothelioma. I was incredibly shocked because it’s something you hear in older people, not younger people.

“I didn’t know anything about asbestos disease. The problem for me is there is very little information to parallel me with anyone and work out any prognosis.

“Most people with asbestos are old and are men.Kirsty List aged 33 who has been diagnosed with asbestos-related cancer pictured with her five-year-old daughter Aimee.

Kirsty first began feeling unwell in September 2015 and was treated for gallstones for six months.

But when they found her tumour around her gallbladder they instead carried out a tumour biopsy.

Six weeks later, Kirsty was given her devastating diagnosis, but said she never expected it to be related to asbestos – which was widely used within homes and other buildings until 1999.

She has tried five different types of chemotherapy without success and has been on end-of-life care since finishing her last course almost a year ago.

In December Kirsty was told she does not have long left and her condition is deteriorating all the time.

She added: “It was a conversation I asked to have with my consultant and I felt ready to know,.

“I said, ‘I don’t know if I will see next Christmas’, and my consultant said, ‘I think that’s about right’.

“At the age of 33 it’s kind of embarrassing. To look at me you would think there’s nothing wrong and it makes me feel like having a sign on my back saying, ‘I’m dying, leave me be!’.

“Knowing how you’re going to die and you’re just going to waste away is horrible. I will quite literally waste away. I have already gone from a size 16-18 to a size 8.”

Kirsty List aged 33 who has been diagnosed with asbestos-related cancer pictured with her five-year-old daughter Aimee.

Kirsty says she has resisted making a bucket list because her focus instead is on keeping life as normal as possible for her daughter.

She said: “Aimee knows everything and understands that I’m dying, and most of the time she is okay about it.

“There’s no hiding from the fact that she is likely to be six-years-old when I pass away.”

Kirsty is still trying to figure out the origins of her disease. She said she went to a primary school in Reading which was built in the ’80s and was “riddled with asbestos”.

She later went to secondary schools in Reading and North Devon, and the latter also has asbestos.

She also spend 13 years working in pubs throughout the south west – some of which were being renovated.

Kirsty said: “I don’t find it particularly frustrating that I don’t know where I picked up asbestos from because I choose not to focus on it.

“I can’t change what’s happened but I do feel a little bit angry because of my daughter.

“I feel a huge amount of guilt knowing I will leave her behind. That makes me sometimes want to stamp my feet and shout, ‘It’s not fair’.”

In the future Kirsty hopes more will be done to raise awareness about where asbestos is to help keep people safe, and not suffer like she and her family is.

She added: “I would not necessarily want asbestos to be taken out of all buildings as I know that would be incredibly impractical.

“But I would like to see it become part of everyone’s induction process when people start a new job.

“If asbestos is in a building everyone should be aware of where it is and how it should be treated to keep themselves and other people safe. It has to be a group effort.

“The asbestos register should also be overhauled to make sure reviews are ongoing.”

Mesothelioma support in the South West

A support group for people affected by the asbestos-induced cancer mesothelioma will be holding a informal meeting near Truro on Thursday.

The South West Mesothelioma Support Group is inviting anyone affected by mesothelioma for a complimentary cream tea at The Victoria Inn in Threemilestone on February 2, from 10am until noon.

Mesothelioma is a terminal cancer which most commonly affects the lining of the lungs and is caused by the inhalation of disturbed asbestos fibres. Asbestos is often called the hidden killer as the dust can be too small to see and yet has the potential to kill.

Historically Devon and Cornwall are hot spots for mesothelioma with many cases emerging among former Devonport Dockyard workers and labourers.

The South West Mesothelioma Support Group was established in Plymouth to provide peer and professional advice and support for those affected by mesothelioma and their families, with the aim that those diagnosed would feel less isolated by their illness.

The group's friendly and informal meetings are a chance to meet other patients and carers who understand what those diagnosed are going through and also share more about the condition and the help that is available.

Members of the group also fund raise and spread awareness throughout the region about the disease and ongoing dangers of asbestos.

Recently appointed mesothelioma clinical nurse specialist for the south west Christine Jones will be attending the meeting.

For more information about the support group and the event, or to confirm your attendance, contact Mike Moncini on 07826 064929 or email

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