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Asbestos removal is a vital service offered by A4 Asbestos as it acts as a lifeline for those that are looking to renovate their properties or if they're just looking to gain peace of mind in their own homes. Asbestos can be a huge health hazard for those that are living/working around it, which further pushes the need to have it removed if it's been discovered in a property that you're working or living in.

Builders, mechanics & electricians & general tradesmen are always under threat of the potential risk of asbestos due to the nature of their work & the properties they may be working in. Asbestos exposure isn't guaranteed but it is always a possibility for homes that were built during the '70s & '80s where asbestos was being used abundantly. It's vital for those that are looking to renovate their home to ensure that their property is asbestos free and that it's not posing a threat to anyone that is doing work or inhabiting the space.

Working with asbestos containing materials can impose serious health risks whether the products are damaged or whole. This particularly applies if the intention is to remove the asbestos containing materials as they could be damaged while being removed. Asbestos are the true threat as damaged materials that contain asbestos has the ability to release fibres which can then be inhaled. This poses a huge risk to those that are looking to dispose of or remove materials that contain asbestos themselves which is strongly ill-advised. The Health & Safety Executive strongly recommends using trained professionals to repair or remove ACMs.

At A4 Asbestos we have the training and experience to safely remove all ACMs that are deemed to be non-licensed or notifiable non-licensed under HSE guidelines. Contact Frank Di Claudio on 07523 256828 or

All ACMs will be removed in accordance with HSE asbestos guidelines and will be transported under a carriers licence issued by the Environment Agency to a disposal point licensed to receive hazardous asbestos products.

Where is asbestos found?

The more common building materials that fall within these categories include: asbestos cement roofs on garages and other buildings; asbestos cement gutters and flues; other asbestos cement structures; asbestos cement and reinforced plastic products such as tanks, ducts and water cisterns; asbestos containing bituminous materials such as roofs; asbestos containing floor tiles and mastic; asbestos containing gas or electric heaters; asbestos containing fuse boxes; asbestos containing mastic, sealant, putty etc; asbestos debris and fly tipped asbestos waste.

A4 Asbestos is experienced in removing asbestos roofs from houses and garages; entire garages; soil pipes and heating flues; kitchen tiles and textured ‘artex’ ceilings and walls. We will also remove asbestos-containing cisterns and water tanks and collect asbestos waste and debris that has already been removed or fly tipped.

A4 Asbestos have decades of experience removing & collection asbestos professional and in accordance with all regulations. We've refined our service over the years in order to provide our customers with an asbestos removal & asbestos collection service that is second to none. We've worked in a range of environments from commercial settings to domestic residences giving us the confidence to deliver a quality service regardless of your property.

Our head office is in Bristol, but we work throughout the South West UK including removing and collecting asbestos in Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Calne, Chippenham and Wiltshire. We are the local asbestos removal and collection experts.

We've worked in hundreds of homes, commercial buildings & properties that give us years of experience & knowledge when it comes to asbestos removal. Take a look at the case studies page of our web site for examples of our work.

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