Garage Removal Service by A4 Asbestos

As you look around our towns and cities you will see many garages built in the 1960s and 1970s at a time when cars were considerably smaller. Roll forward to the present day and most of these garages are no longer used to park cars; in fact, itโ€™s anything but cars such as bikes, lawnmowers etc; and many are simply used as a dumping ground for items no longer wanted in the house itself. This means that the space that the garage is taking up is probably not being used to its full potential.

These structures often cover a large area of garden which could be put to better use as part of the garden, for a patio or decking, for a BBQ area or for a house extension. There is so much more that can be done with the obstructed space once you get it back! Once the decision has been made to demolish the structure, you may run into a few health hazards as many garages built in the 60's & 70's are made from asbestos cement. This is often the case that it is found that the roof and sometimes the walls are made of asbestos cement, which cannot be removed and placed in a rubble skip as this is hazardous waste. It is usually removed by an asbestos removal contractor prior to the structure being demolished.

๐Ÿ”บ - What does your garage removal service involve?

At A4 Asbestos, we have removed many garage roofs and side walls, and we are frequently being asked if we can demolish and remove the entire garage. The answer is yes, we can and we do. We have helped hundreds of families with their asbestos roofs & sidewalls and it makes much more sense for a single provider to remove it all! If you are thinking of completely removing your old unused garage then A4 Asbestos have the service for you. When homeowners worry about the potential risk of asbestos, we're able to offer a service that delivers re-assurance & peace of mind. Garages are a hotbed for potential materials that contain asbestos so it's good to work with a professional that can assist you.

๐Ÿ”บ - What type of garages you remove?

Garages usually have one of four different types of frame: steel; timber; pre-cast concrete or concrete block. We are able to remove all types of garages so regardless of what type you have, we are able to handle your case!

In the case of steel and timber-framed garages, we remove the entire structure on our trailer, with the asbestos-containing materials being transported to a landfill licensed to received hazardous waste while the steel or timber is recycled.

In the case of precast concrete and concrete block garages, we will arrange an on-site rubble skip for the non-asbestos containing materials while the asbestos will be transported in our trailer to a landfill that is licensed to receive hazardous waste.

In all cases, we will issue an Environment Agency consignment note which is proof of legal disposal and provides full traceability in the event of any questions. This gives you the assurance that everything we do is accounted for!

So if you are considering having your garage removed and matters are complicated by the presence of asbestos in the structure, we at A4 Asbestos can provide a full demolition and removal service and are pleased to provide a quotation.

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