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It is a legal requirement for all non-domestic building owners and occupiers to identify and manage the presence of asbestos in their buildings. Non-domestic buildings include residential properties which have common parts or are owned within a portfolio of properties, both by public and private organisations.

A4 Asbestos can help with any concern, query or inquiry you have about asbestos. We are leading specialists in asbestos sampling and asbestos removal. We work throughout the South West and have many satisfied customers.

There are millions of buildings in the UK that contain asbestos fibres which if disturbed or damaged and subsequently inhaled can lead to serious lung diseases. Asbestos has the potential to cause life-threatening conditions through prolonged exposure which is what makes it so dangerous. Without sample testing in an independent laboratory, it is impossible to determine whether asbestos is present.

If asbestos-containing material is damaged, fibres from the asbestos can be released into the air which makes into the air-bourne risk that we're afraid of. Asbestos as a substance isn't a huge danger as long as the fibres are kept stationary. The problem with asbestos is that a lot of the materials containing it were created/used before 1980, meaning that several decades worth of degradation have occurred, making the risk of asbestos our generation's problem.

⚠️ Is asbestos dangerous?

Extended exposure is the true hazard when it comes to asbestos since the illnesses & conditions it can cause take years to develop. The problem is that asbestos os nearly undetectable without professional equipment & tests which the majority of the UK's population doesn't have access to. This, in turn, makes asbestos some into a silent threat, as it you won't know or feel the damage that's caused until it's too late.

If you are considering refurbishment or demolition works to any property, a refurbishment and demolition survey is strongly recommended to identify whether asbestos is present, prior to works commencing. In the case of non-domestic buildings, this is a statutory requirement. If works are undertaken without a survey, asbestos fibres may be released unknowingly. Tradesmen working on a property may find suspicious materials and refuse to continue until the material has been sampled and analysed, thereby causing delay and additional cost. This can affect both residential & commercial properties as asbestos can affect a range of buildings due to its abundant use in the '70s & '80s.

The guidelines for the removal of asbestos-containing materials are strict and legally enforceable. Our "news" section has the latest advice and news from the HSE asbestos team.

Our team are able to provide professional guidance & services in accordance with all types of asbestos removal, disposal & sampling. With our experience & expertise, A4 Asbestos are primed to assist you in asbestos removal. We're fully qualified and accredited to remove & dispose of asbestos, giving you peace of mind that your asbestos is being handled by professionals.

A4 Asbestos are specialists in the testing and removal of asbestos, operating in Bristol & Bath for the past few decades. We have provided professional asbestos removal in Bristol for years. With our level of expertise & experience, we're one of a few leading asbestos removal providers that takes true pride in their work. If you're concerned about the presence of asbestos in your home, give the office a call today or send us an email for further information. Our team will be sure to assist you to the best of our abilities, giving you guidance & recommendations of services that will help to sample, remove & dispose of the asbestos that could be present in your home.

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